how old is carmelo anthony daughter

________________ You are now free to roam about the county but fawk you! She wasnt married or belong to nobody !! Burk, a Saint Augustine's University graduate, is raising Genesis singlehandedly. In January 2019, she and Carmelo were back together again. For that reason, I can understand why she did. Watch it below: She graduated with a Masters in Health Communication from Northwestern University in 2016. Aint no love that strong and no dick that good. What if she had gotten pregnant while with him n told him th child was not his. Please do not imply that this is race specific. They have named him Kiyan Carmelo Anthony . Thats extreamly unlikely in this case. She said she figured he would say that because it's hard to update the birth certificates, and knew she would eventually want his last name on it. Thats all? Find the mother, Mia Burks, who relatively gives updates about her daughter on her social media sites. Seems like he just wanted to hit it and quit it but she wanted to insure that she would get at least 21 years of financial support. Then, the last few months, all the rumors he was being traded didn't help matters, wither. She doesnt deserve to be born into that situation, anymore than LaLas son deserves to split his dads time (and money) with a bastard sibling, or someone deserves to be born into a family with a history of heart disease or mental illness, but it happens. He also shares tremendous fatherhood with his three kids. She is also a hands-on mother to her daughter, Genesis. cheating is one thing but a whole child and then this child will probably have to visit me on the weekend. God mat bless you for helping that child grow up to have enough class/respect/self respect & dignity to not intervene in someones marriage, when its cash & wealth & property involved, what better way to check a side chick than love her side baby like its yours? The child's mother, Mia Angel Burks, continuously alleged Carmelo as the father of her kid. He has been named an NBA All-Star ten times and an All-NBA Team member six times. Genesis Harlo Anthony was born on August 1, 2017, to Mia Angel Burks and her putative father, Carmelo Anthony. Hes earned NBA All-Star ten times, but hed not amass an NBA ring with any team thus far. I nearly died. Eventually, the pair separated in 2017 amidst reports of Carmelo's infidelity. In 2016, the couple was announced to be separated for some duration. Not at all, but both violations are just as bad. Born Carmelo Kiyan Anthony on 29th May, 1984 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States, he is famous for Denver Nuggets forward. i dont think i could. i had to look this up. I can never forget Clyde the Glide Drexler. He joined forces with his old pal, Lebron James, signing with the . Mia and Harlo are unquestionably the best mother-and-daughter pair, as seen by her social media posts. Most dudes dont give that type of commitment in Melos Situation early 20s, new contract etc unless Lala was doing some serious catering. Mia and Carmelo had an affair a little over a year ago and he reportedly fathered a child outside of his marriage with wife LaLa Anthony. I have my husband here, my friends here, its really exciting time, she told PEOPLE. Mia Burks with Carmelo's alleged daughter Carmelo's soon-to-be ex-wife, TV personality LaLa Anthony, filed for divorce in 2021 after 11 years of marriage. etc. Hopefully, they are taking STD tests. Thats her husband, their marriage, their business. Then LaLa called it quits. I know I wouldnt There isnt enough love in de world. Kiyan Carmelo Anthony has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2021. what people dont realize is just as the bible states, marriage is more than physical, or legal, or financial union. That baby looks just like her daddyexcept shes cute! I thought he was different than the others(im so sad now). Taking to Instagram, he posted a sweet tribute to the Power actress on May 10 in which he praised La La for her role in. A woman will sell her precious body for a small piece of paper. Genesis Harlo Anthony is yet to thrive with personal social media sites. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How pitiful side piece look living and planning their life on hope of a marriage and married family failing. I am just going to enjoy having an opinion but not have to actually live it And his inability to ever get a ringwith his isolation scoring ass. yeah, cause its a fine line between revenge pics and endangerment. ET. Carmelo Anthony was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1984. ?? ????? Keep the house and send hiz belongings[toothbrush too] to another state. Kiyan is the proud son of Carmelo Kyam Anthony (Father) and Alani Nicole Vzquez (Mother). Selfish. I miss those basketball days!!!! "She doesn't know how to get money from guys," he said. As of 2018, Anthony's net worth is estimated to be $90 million. You made a statement about me and other posters possibly being illegitimate children. It went away pretty quietly suddenly. Cheating is one thing but having an outstanding kid(s) is grounds for a divorce and ass kicking. I dont think hes happy or maybe he still likes to lie to me ?lol, I dont know but I wished him well& found myself with far more important things to deal with. What you said. Me My heart would drop everytime my husband brought his love child home. I would leave the marriage. Men have been known to dip when they go to pick up their children too. SMH really bish. It saddens me that a man would go out and make a whole baby with another chick, only to come back to the one he left in the first place. Shes not mad at allthats Sandra reflipping and reframingthose are pics from her IG that are very inconsistentif youre a real rose you know how sandra doesshes only in the blogs because the blogs put her in the blogsThat women is and Master degreed educated thotshe is beautiful and I highly doubt with her education and his money and her looks, that shes sitting around waiting for shatshes young and will remarry and go on with her lifeHAPPY and richyall love to think the other woman is somewhere miserable, Its not the cheating. She wants an intact home for her son and a beard for herself. She just cant come to my house. Kiyan made a cameo alongside his father in a commercial for the sneaker brand Jordan in 2016. Like Hillary Clinton, Vanessa Bryant, Tori Spelling, Regina Lasko, Victoria Beckam, SJP etc etc. If their son wants to meet his sister fine, but I wouldnt introduce them. Carmelos daughter was born like a fictional show and, of course, with bunches of exquisite dramas. December 29, 2022. Carmelo Anthony's alleged baby mother, Mia Burks, is speaking out on her daughter's relationship with the NBA player. Its unfortunate her parents didnt give more consideration to the circumstances of her birth. When asked about co-parenting, Burk gave a one-word answer patience. Aug. 1 2022, Published 5:24 p.m. He could barely get any exercise in. Harlo Anthony was born on August 1, 2017, according to some reports, and she is 5 years old as of that date. I walked in last night and Mr. Time was watching the Knicks and the announcer said Vince Carter. First he took Foreva to marry her. Mia Burks, the childs mother, later shared photos of herself and her daughter at a Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls game. Mia apparently stated on social media that a paternity test indicated Carmelo was the childs father. Anthony is one of the leagues most distinguished players. NO excuses, bad enough your hubbie out here sexing women and uprotected at that!! Carmelo was born on May 29, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York. one person said. How do you know that he didnt lead her on and lie to her ? So when I made reference to outside children, I was referring children born outside of an already established marriage. Would you allow them to have sleepovers at your house? I have decided I dont want to live that way. The rumors of the affair started going viral during the separation news of Carmelo and Alani in 2016. In the end many couples try, but the relationship is never the same and it ends. Look at how those men did Ciara. Insecure. From his humble beginnings, Anthony became a household name for his unpredictable moves, a sense of breeziness, and unbothered gaiety. Why do yall think its ok for a man to bring a bunch of random babies home? Ufomba Kamalu is a professional football player. La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony had separated in April 2017, but then appeared to reconcile. Your stance makes sense IF youre not taking the guy back which, youre not so, I mean, it makes sense to me lol. Ohhh girl. I couldnt stomach looking at her or her dirty mother. LaLa could have bagged another baller or Industry Executive. Id leave my husband for something like that. SMDH and father a child with a chick he fell for. This is what rainy day funds, mattress money, shoe box money and a 401k comes in handy. If not, then thats the penalty that most folks are referencing its also why your child would probably grow up to resent you especially if they become close (through their father). I couldnt hit F5 quick enough to type this very same thing! I dont even know you but Im thinkingNO l0l! Smh!! Not to mention putting someones heal at risk. The couple reconciled in late 2018 but ran into a roadblock when Melo posted an Instagram pic with a 28-year-old Swedish model in Southern France on La La's birthday. Im so sad. Did I say that? Oh Hell no! That stripper would marry him in a heartbeat if he asked her. In 2010, he married the lovely La La Vanzquez. "She's not a stripper," Jacobs said. "In all honesty, my daughter is good," Mia Burks said in response to those who scolded Carmelo Anthony for being an inactive father. theres a connection there, ties there not easily broken. But all that changed recently when La La took Melo back. Mia wrote a cryptic message on social media, seemingly implying she's with Carmelo. The baby is still a dealbreaker of coursewell, cheating is a deal breaker for me. Its just fukked up that they do this to the women who possibly really love their uglass. So true, do you know what song this is from?! I love babies but I dont think I could do it. Why did he cheat on Lala with a woman who looks Just Like Lala? The child belongs to the dog ass husband not the wife. She knew what she was doing when she pursued the young guy who just went to he NBA. Well he certainly has a type But I cant understand why these people dont wear protection. Maybe in time I could come around but initially, even if me and the low-life cheating husband stayed together, I would not want to deal with his child. The childs mother, Mia Angel Burks, continuously alleged Carmelo as the father of her kid. You have entered an incorrect email address! He is 109 kg in weight. Okay granted ni$$as aint shi!. (OJAYS) Black and or minority women is known for always taking back her no good husband after yrs of infidelity and having a baby by the side chick! So naturally women are expected to be doormats and accept anything their husbands do. The childs not going to be allowed to the house because she decided to take back the cheater who had a baby on her? I was bad because there were allegations. The star will be 38 years old in June 2022. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carmelo Anthony is one of the most celebrated players in the NBA. I feel sorry for her. Yeah Thats what makes these situations so sticky. Lala looks so much happier now that theyre back together hope it works out for her this time, smh. The childs father is a married man so the child was born in chaos that she didnt have a choice to be in. He never acknowledged her, but it seems their relationship is changing. This does not seem right, but she might do this. Jinx. (If the bag straight enough lol ,) Im jot evn on ig, but if the bag straight&the side thot on ig, lol, Id be a beautiful kind of wife-petty lol, His birth sign is Gemini. I never said it couldnt happen. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. This proclamation is related to Mia, whose putative childs father is not fully involved in her care. If thats the case, I hope they never meet by chance and start dating only to find out later they are siblings. That sh*t would f this side chick head up. Although Carmelo has never publicly claimed the child, Mia reportedly confirmed that a paternity test proved he was the father via social media. They may be afraid to bring up the issue with you now. Both Carmelo and the IG model are thots, for sure. Thank you. She doesnt care about the baby. I know it happens. 1 high school player in the country. . document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Her father may not defend her, but I will to the bitter end. They have some distorted version where infidelity is part of the equation. Looks like Kiyan Carmelo has strong genes.. Well the baby is here and wasnt going to be hidden from the public forever. Ive been there and done thatonly I didnt stick around long enough to see if they changed their ways.ON TO THE NEXTnow this is celebrity so they move different when so much money is involvedITS CHEAPER TO KEEP HER. ?.so he should have cheated on her discreetly ? The Gossip Of The City blog shared the photo. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny how men get a pass for all there bad behavior and the women they are involved with are always taken to task and demonized.Its not that he is a no good dirty $ ick cheater , its that she didnt respect his marriage ! It looked too good to him, then he got mad when the baby came?. Just hours after news broke on TMZ that Lala Anthony had filed for divorce, a woman has come forward claiming Carmelo Anthony is the father to her newborn twins! The athletic player has a net worth of $20 Million. Its the damn baby., With time I when the child is 30 years old. Trying to make ends meet, Burk works as the Director of Special Projects for six ReGeneration schools in Chicago. He had a baby with someone else? Totally agree LOL in her Lease G-Wagon hes paying for LOL. he lied about things i didnt even ask him. Career When Anthony was just 15 years old, she began her entertainment career in radio at WHTA-FM, HOT 97.5 in Georgia. He prolly got that side baby because he azz is depressed he cant seem to get to that next level in the NBA. Mia Angle Burks, Harlo Anthonys mother, gave birth to her. Its weird that he wants to go back. LaLa= Emily B Level DUMB! knew he was married and so did he. Carmelo Anthony rumors, news and videos from the best sources on the web. Find the mother, Mia Burks, who regularly updates her social media sites about her daughter. She is not Emily B level dumb. They have to carry the weight every day. White women move the phuck on and take his money. Carmelo Anthony born Carmelo Kyam Anthony is an American professional basketball player for the Portland Trail Blazers of the (NBA). Its like she had the paparazzi on speed dial so they could snap pics of her in her fits, all dolled up, trying to let her husband see what hes missing. 1.68m) tall. His father is an American professional basketball player for the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA while Kiyans mother is an American television personality and a New York Times best-selling author. She only wanted to be loved. TruePeople are just ignorant I love their union and their family. The source also said Carmelo and Mia are over, and he only contacts her to see his daughter. Joined Mar 20, 2019 Messages 21,544 Reactions 519,702 35,139 3,420 . NBA veteran Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony have a 14-year-old son together, Kiyan. Lots of women stay after a man has cheated. Not a one. Punish the man, but not the kids. Fans alleged he spent time with her during her birthday after spotting the same chain necklace on a man beside Genesis. Thank you! Excavate further intriguing information about Carmelo Anthonys alleged daughter, Genesis Harlo Anthony, in this article which would disclose her parents, early life, and more. The babies were born in April, prematurely as they came out two months early! He garnered fame early on in his life when he played the sport at high school. And she probably doesnt give two shyts about Melo. Ugh. Carmelo Anthonys alleged daughter, Genesis Harlo Anthony (Source: Seems like Mello is the winner here, divorcing her would cost him a lot of money and chid support to two households after the wife gets her cut. The marriage is for God. As a teenager, he started playing for the Shanghai Sharks. If your thatDumb and vulnerable to believe this man is not married then google it. La La might as well start getting used to the blended family if she hasnt already. Fans previously pointed out their physical similarities in Burk's Instagram post. The women were all over him. Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, born on March 7, 2007, is the son of former Lakers player Carmelo Anthony and actress La La Anthony. TUH! No thank you.

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